How to Install Viber on iPad App Reviews

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Ne sert a rien nada nothing wellou

Useful app

This is an amazing app. I was finally able to install Viber on iPad by following easy instructions explained within this app!


The best!

Nice one!

High five for the app! I am "vibering" now on my iPad

Awesome App:)



This app is a scam!! They tell you how to install Viber on iPhone and make money on people by forced ads. Very bad :(


I had to put one before this review would send but.... No stars because no support. Viber out does not recognize my email addresses. This stinks. No way to get support. No way to dove this.

Its convenient!

Its been a while that I wonder how to instal viber on my iPad. I found this app at the right moment and it did help me big time.


Whats up guy


Thanks a million! Small app but extremely useful!

So happy!

I have finally installed Viber on my iPad after trying to figure it out for one month.

Nothing to do here..

uninstalled on 10 seconds. the whole app is just about 5 tips and a thousands of ads. Apple must remove this app from the appstore.

Anthony lee sr.

The finial steps to process access code to connect Viber to my I-Pad wont confirm , register my Viber account. It is too complicated. And to many steps to complete the program?


Really simple steps on how to install Viber on iPad and they work! I am super happy. Thanks!

The viber app is not available in Apple Store

Please advice how we can download viber for iPad

Not for me

All this does is tell you to ignore the warning and install the Viber for iPhone. While Viber will work on your iPad, what these guys do not tell you is that, after you do this, Viber stops working on your phone.

Really good

The app is very good. Its easy to use and helps to setup viber really fast.

Horrible app

This app is made to download it on an iPad but you have to have a phone to do this and I dont have a phone

Only pop ups selling things

Its a scam if you enjoy being scammed get this app

A Big Zero

This is the worst thing Ive ever come across from Apple! The app and the advice, neither one is worth posting for giving assistance! Nothing is helping with trying to get the app up and running!

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